Literally translates as "THE SCHOOL OF THE PERSEVERING WAY."  Gendai Ninjutsu literally means "modern art of perseverance."  Nindo Ryu Gendai Ninjutsu is a reunified system that has captured the root elements of the warrior arts practiced by the ancient Ninja of Japan.

About the system:
Both long and short range fighting is employed in both armed and unarmed combat modes.  As an art designed from conception to develop strategies instead of straight up fighting skills preset, strength and size demands on the part of the practitioner have been greatly reduced.  Also, emphasis has been placed on weapons disarming techniques, as well as normal weapons handling methods.  Escape and evasion tactics have been updated and optimized for today's environment, but preserve the fundamental principals that were brought to the Japanese culture by the Chinese.​​​​​​​